New Fleet Uniforms and how to dress

Hi Fleet,

we updated updated our fleet-uniforms and i will show you how you do it right….

Not all things will be taken automatically, so some things must be configurated by you.

  • At first you choose the uniform for your fleetrank.
  • Then you choose the Fleet Emblem!
  • The jacket of the uniform should be choosen by the system, so you must just look if it’s correct like shown on the picture.
  • Jacket is “Sierra 1″ with “Glossy” material and Color Configuration “01″.
  • The Badge is the communicator “The Next Generation – Film” with colors “A1″ and “A6″.
  • We decided to show no rank, because it’s the game-rank and not the one of the fleet.
  • No Sash, because it should be unitary and not everyone has one.
  • The gloves are paneled with white (“I16″) maincolor and black (“I1″) panels and must maybe also get dressed by yourself.

The lower body must be choosen by yourself, eventually. Sometimes it runs autmatically, sometimes not. Here are the specifications for our fleetuniform:

Legs category is “Uniform – Pants – Loose Long” and we wear the “TNG Split Bottom” – trousers with “Soft Boots” on feet, all in Black.

This should be all, look at the picture(s) to compare. Click the picture to increase it.

Read more for all ranks and their pictures…


Cadet Galauniform Description

Cadet Galauniform Description

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Event Times

Hello Fleet!

Pls post here, your favorite event times (two or three) and events you would like to play  the week. So we can coordinate it better!

Thank you!


Donpolos Fleetadmiral

A new Tribble is born

I went to the garden and look what i’ve found….

it's a TRIBBLE

Hey, what’s this?
Oh, it’s a TRIBBLE!!

a little new born Tribble

Really, it’s a little new born Tribble!

Let’s see what’s happen next… what wil the tribble do, where will it go to?

Stay tuned!

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